Google’s Perspective on Subdomains and Indexing Misunderstandings

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In response to a query regarding a website needing to be indexed, Google’s John Mueller revealed a little-known technical SEO fact regarding domains and subdomains that may confuse some people and potentially give the impression that a website is having problems indexed.

The individual who posed the question used the secure HTTPS protocol to publish a website they had developed using the Core MVC framework.

But soon after, they realized they needed help indexing the content.

The person posing the question noted the two known variables in the scenario—the HTTPS protocol and the framework used to build the website—in their query.

Is the indexing likely hampered somehow by the web application framework?

Or is indexing being impeded by something related to the HTTPS configuration?

The inquiry was raised regarding indexing issues after migrating a newly constructed site to Core MVC and implementing HTTPS. However, Google’s John Mueller inspected the site and found that neither the MVC framework nor the transition to HTTPS were linked to the observed indexing problems.
Mueller’s response elucidated the situation: “Upon reviewing your site’s indexing status, it appears your site is indexed without the www subdomain. Consequently, explicit searches for the www version yield limited results. However, searching solely for the domain, such as site:domain.com, reveals its indexed presence.”


Unveiling Hidden Solutions: Beyond the Obvious in SEO Problem-Solving


Occasionally, the solution to a problem remains concealed by the glaringly apparent causes, restricting the ability to discern the actual remedy. When tackling an SEO issue, the key lies in persistently exploring beyond the evident factors. John Mueller’s approach might have reframed the problem—from a broad “site not indexed” to a specific “WWW version not indexed.” Therefore, the next step entails inspecting the non-WWW version to uncover further insights.


The WWW: Understanding It as a Subdomain


Unveiling the solution also serves as a reminder of a crucial technical aspect regarding a website’s www and non-www versions—the WWW version stands as a subdomain of its non-WWW counterpart.
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