Introducing Google’s Latest Structured Data Innovation

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Google has recently enriched its documentation by incorporating a new 3DModel markup Type into the Product structured data format. This integration seamlessly links the two through the utilization of the subjectOf property.


Exploring the Latest Addition to Structured Data: The 3DModel Property


Structured data Types, such as CreativeWork, Product, Event, and Organization, represent entities or concepts within digital content. Each Type features various properties, which are attributes defining its characteristics.
Google is introducing a new markup with structured data Type, specifically the 3DModel Type. This addition connects seamlessly with the Property Type through the subjectOf property.
The subjectOf property serves as a link between two Types. In this context, the 3DModel Type is associated with the Product structured data Type through the subjectOf property. Incorporating the 3DModel structured data Type provides additional information about the Product, enriching its representation.


The Purpose Behind Google’s Introduction of the 3DModel Type


According to Google’s developer pages changelog, the introduction of the 3DModel Type stems from the growing prevalence of 3D models on product webpages. This move lets merchants directly provide detailed information about the 3D models associated with their products on their product pages.
While there’s currently no clear indication of how the 3DModel structured data might manifest as a rich result, it’s conceivable that in the future, merchant listings or standard search engine results pages (SERPs) could feature-rich results showcasing 3D representations of products.
Even without such rich results, leveraging the new structured data type remains valuable. It signals to Google the presence of a 3D product representation on the webpage, potentially influencing rankings and enhancing the overall understanding of the product’s digital presence.

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