Link Power Play: How Many Backlinks Do I Need To Rank

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We’re familiar with the concept of quality backlinks. You understand their significance, how they contribute to your SEO efforts, the challenges they pose, and even how to create them yourself.

But what about the ones who argue that the quantity of backlinks outweighs their quality? Are they correct? Then how many backlinks do I need to rank is the question.

To address this, let’s first clarify what they mean by the “quantity” of backlinks.

Generally, these individuals don’t advocate generating numerous backlinks from spam-filled websites. Instead, they emphasize acquiring backlinks from sites with low or moderate domain authority that are reasonably reliable.

Their primary focus is not on the quality of these links, including factors like anchor text and relevance, but on obtaining the link itself.


Why quantity of backlinks is good


There are reasons why having a large quantity of backlinks, with little emphasis on their quality, can be advantageous.

Firstly, it speeds up the process. By not being overly concerned with individual links, you can rapidly and effortlessly build many links to your website.

Moreover, these links undeniably contribute to your rankings. In many cases, they can propel your website up the rankings more quickly than if you were solely focused on ensuring high-quality backlinks.

The number of referring domains directly correlates with a website’s position on Google’s search results. Therefore, the more backlinks you have from different domains, the higher your website will likely rank.

Referring domains represent the count of unique domains that link to your website. Therefore, instead of focusing solely on the quantity of individual links, it pertains to the number of URLs referencing your domain.

However, it’s not solely the increase in referring domains that aid your rankings. The overall number of backlinks also plays a crucial role in benefiting your rankings. Having a larger volume of backlinks, regardless of their source domains, can positively impact your website’s search engine rankings.

In essence, prioritizing quantity in your link-building strategy is far from futile.

Numerous online voices insist that their quality is the sole factor of importance in backlinks. However, quantity holds significance and, when appropriately executed, can yield remarkable results.

Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that quantity also has its drawbacks. So let’s explore the downside it entails.


Why quantity of backlinks is bad


Now, let’s discuss why prioritizing the quantity of backlinks over quality can be detrimental.

The primary concern is the possibility of unintentionally generating backlinks from spammy websites, which can have a negative impact on your SEO efforts.

If you find it difficult to believe, take a moment to examine this chart, illustrating the profound negative effect that poor backlinking can have on your search engine rankings.

Furthermore, when you prioritize generating many links without emphasizing quality, it’s essential to recognize that these links will inherently possess lower value. This doesn’t necessarily imply a negative outcome, but it is required to be aware of this fact.

You can employ strategies that prioritize quantity over quality to acquire a high quantity of backlinks.

One effective method is to provide testimonials to external websites. When doing so, just include a link back to your website. This approach allows you to build links with relatively minimal upfront effort.

Moreover, you can proactively contact website owners, offering them a complimentary product from your inventory and kindly requesting a mention on their website via email. This approach can help you secure backlinks by leveraging the incentive of providing a free product in exchange for a comment on their site.

Although this approach may require additional time and effort, such as identifying potential recipients, shipping the product, and requesting the backlink, it is still a small time investment compared to the steps involved in obtaining high-quality backlinks. The benefits of generating more backlinks often outweigh the additional time spent on these activities.


In The End


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