Neglected Corners: The About Us & Contact Pages Disregarded?

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Google’s John Mueller recently addressed a query regarding the significance of incorporating a “contact page” and/or an “about page” into websites. After conducting an investigation, Mueller affirmed the value of these pages, shedding light on their utility and importance.


Making the Case: Importance of Contact & About Us Pages for Company Websites


In a tweet directed to John Mueller, @jaclynbrandt expressed the need to persuade their company to incorporate contact and about us pages onto their website. They sought advice on compelling reasons to present to their company, indicating that they operate an online directory/blog for a niche sport under an ecommerce company in that domain. Mueller inquired if the purpose of the addition was to solicit user feedback, suggesting they consult their user base.
@jaclynbrandt clarified that feedback wasn’t the primary concern, mentioning instead the perceived importance of these pages to Google. They emphasized the lack of documentation on this matter but acknowledged its significance within the industry.


Unveiling Google’s Stance: The Importance of Contact & About Us Pages for SEO


Inquiring into the significance of contact and about us pages isn’t uncommon, especially concerning Google’s perspective. Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines clarify this matter, stressing the importance of clearly identifying the website’s responsible parties.
The guidelines, outlined on page 25 of the PDF, highlight the importance of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT) in determining page quality. With documentation indicating the responsible individuals behind the website, raters can assess these criteria effectively. An about page is crucial for such information, aiding raters in their assessments.
Furthermore, the guidelines emphasize that raters must review available information about the website and its creators. This includes understanding who is accountable for the content and the website, even under an alias or username.
The presence of an About page simplifies the process of identifying webpage responsibility. It provides insight into the individuals behind the website and cultivates trust among visitors, aligning with the principles of EEAT outlined in the quality raters guidelines.


Insights from John Mueller: The Significance of Contact & About Us Pages


Mueller provided his perspective in response to inquiries regarding the necessity of contact and about us pages for Google.
In his tweet, Mueller stated:
“While there may be valid reasons for certain websites to include these pages, upon thorough review, our search developer documentation does not indicate that they are obligatory.”


Dispelling Misconceptions: The Role of About Us & Contact Pages


There’s often a gap between perception and reality in what’s perceived as “important to Google.” Take, for instance, the belief among recipe bloggers that content length significantly impacts Google ranking. Despite assertions from SEO experts in the field, there’s no documented evidence or official confirmation from Google supporting this notion. In truth, content length doesn’t influence Google’s ranking algorithms; what truly matters is the usefulness and satisfaction it provides users.
Likewise, the myth surrounding the necessity of contact and about us pages for Google is just that—a myth. Google doesn’t deem these pages crucial. However, they are vital in conveying to visitors that the site’s creators possess genuine expertise and are not mere affiliates. Establishing trust and confidence is paramount, not just for user experience but also for maximizing conversions and revenue generation.
Convincing a company of the importance of these pages may hinge on their potential to boost profitability. Enhanced trust increases engagement, ad clicks, affiliate purchases, and overall revenue. While the correlation between user experience and financial gain isn’t always direct, it’s critical, particularly for quality raters assessing website credibility.

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