OpenAI’s Probe into GPT-4 Criticisms on Google Reviews

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Has GPT-4’s Performance Declined? OpenAI Investigates Training Chat Models and Addresses Google Reviews Feedback on X.
OpenAI recently acknowledged ongoing inquiries into reported issues concerning GPT-4’s performance through @ChatGPTapp on X. In addition to investigating these reports, the company shed light on the intricacies of training chat models and their profound influence on AI behavior.
Within Google Reviews, diverse experiences with GPT-4 surfaced, including mentions of account-related challenges and alleged fluctuations in the work environment. These reviews have contributed to a mix of feedback on the platform regarding GPT-4’s performance.

OpenAI, the creator behind ChatGPT introduced just over a year ago, has responded to mounting concerns about the perceived “lazy” performance of GPT-4 across social media platforms and Google Reviews. This action follows increasing user feedback online, including a one-star review on the company’s Google Reviews.


OpenAI Explores Chat Model Training, Performance Metrics, and A/B Testing


OpenAI, via its @ChatGPTapp Twitter account, provided an in-depth overview of the intricacies of chat model training. The organization emphasized that the process could be a more complex industrial procedure, pointing out that fluctuations in training iterations could result in distinct variations in the AI’s demeanor, creative approach, and potential biases. Rigorous evaluation of AI models involves offline metrics and live A/B testing, with data-driven decisions on new model releases, aiming to enhance the genuine user experience.


OpenAI’s Google Review Score Impacted by GPT-4 Performance and Billing Concerns


This explanation follows a wave of user feedback regarding GPT-4’s deteriorating performance on social networks like X, echoing similar complaints within OpenAI’s community forums. One dissatisfied user expressed their frustration by leaving a one-star review for OpenAI on Google Reviews. Other grievances touched on account-related matters, billing issues, and the perceived artificiality of AI. Recent feedback on Product Hunt also reflects dissatisfaction seemingly linked to GPT-4’s declining performance.
However, there are other concerns besides GPT-4 among local reviewers. On Yelp, OpenAI holds a one-star rating for ChatGPT 3.5 performance. Notably, the most-liked review implies a tumultuous workplace environment, citing OpenAI as “Cutthroat and unfriendly, with toxic workers.”
Moreover, top-rated reviews on Glassdoor shed light on employee dissatisfaction and product development challenges, attributing these issues to the company’s focus on profitability.


Google SGE Showcases Positive Feedback on OpenAI


Among sporadic complaints, Google reviewers have acknowledged the groundbreaking influence of OpenAI’s technology across multiple domains.
Notably, some of the most commendatory remarks about the company are highlighted within Google SGE (Search Generative Experience).


In Summary


OpenAI’s recent insights into training chat models and addressing public feedback regarding GPT-4 performance highlight the ever-evolving nature of AI technology and its impact on users. This includes individuals who recently received invitations for ChatGPT Plus after being on the waitlist during OpenAI’s subscription pause and those involved in developing GPTs for the upcoming GPT Store launch.
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