Proven Techniques for How to Outreach Link Building

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As online search competition intensifies, establishing a strong backlink profile has become crucial to any successful SEO strategy. One key player in this process is outreach, vital for building links. Here, we will discuss four effective outreach link-building strategies and demonstrate how you can use our tools to enhance your outreach process, resulting in a more efficient and conversion-focused approach.


Building High-Quality Backlinks: The Role of Outreach


Outreach refers to contacting external organizations to secure a backlink to your website. A well-crafted outreach strategy can increase the likelihood of receiving a positive response and obtaining a backlink.

There are several common outreach strategies, including:

  1. The Skyscraper Technique
  2. The Moving Man Technique
  3. The Guest Posting Technique
  4. Digital PR


The Skyscraper Technique


In the Skyscraper technique, the first step involves identifying high-performing content in your industry or niche already attracting backlinks. You then create premium, high-quality content on the same topic, adding more value and depth to the existing content.

Next, you promote your new and improved content to the websites linked to the original content and persuade them to link to your premium content instead. This approach can be an effective way to attract high-quality backlinks and improve your website’s overall authority.


The Art of Content Discovery

Using the Backlink Gap tool, you can compare your website’s backlink profile to your competitors. Input up to five domains to identify the referring domains your competitors shared or the domains they have earned.

To identify the top prospects for the Skyscraper technique, use the Best filter to see the domains linking to your competitors’ domains but not yours. If you already have a famous article in mind, you can use the Backlink Analytics tool by pasting the article URL. Once you navigate to the Backlinks tab, you can see all the websites currently linking to the article. These are the domains that you can contact later for link-building opportunities.


The Art of Content Discovery

At this stage, you aim to create an article that surpasses the existing content or update a previously published article on the same topic.


Reaching Out to the Right Domains

The last step is to contact all websites linking to the existing content and request them to link to your updated and improved version.

The Link Building tool provides a list of potential link-building opportunities for your domain and enables you to send outreach emails from the tool. Using this tool, you can also manage multiple link-building campaigns for your domain from a single interface.

With the help of this tool, you can automatically retrieve the contact information of each domain and even add contact details manually.


The Moving Man Technique 


The Moving Man technique is about reaching out to websites with links to outdated content and asking them to replace it with a link to your updated and more relevant content. The trick to this strategy is to identify obsolete links on blogs, directories, or articles in your niche or industry.

To get the best results, targeting websites with a strong backlink profile is crucial. This technique is an effective way to acquire high-quality backlinks for your site with relatively less effort.


Hunting for Broken Links

In this step, your objective is to identify websites and resources that are no longer active or updated, which can result in broken or outdated links. There are several reasons why links become obsolete, including rebranding, new URLs, defunct services or offerings, and unmaintained resources.

To locate these outdated resources, you can use specific search strings or modifiers on Google. By utilizing these search strings, you can quickly and efficiently identify potential opportunities for broken link building and reach out to site owners to request a backlink to your relevant and updated content.


Finding Broken Backlinks

After compiling a list of outdated resources, the next step is to use the Backlink Analytics Tools to identify the pages linking to them. By doing so, you can identify potential opportunities to reach out and request that those links be updated to point to your relevant content.


Content Creation and Updating

Whether creating a new page or updating an existing one, it’s crucial to focus on developing high-quality, helpful website content. Your content should be well-written, engaging, and informative to attract and retain your target audience. Pay attention to the details and ensure your content is as unique and valuable as possible to stand out from your competitors.

Building Relationships with Website Owners

Utilize the Link Building tool to contact the owners of the domains.


Guest Posting


Guest posting involves writing and publishing articles on other websites to acquire backlinks. It works well if you have expertise in your industry. To use this strategy, look for authoritative blogs or sites, establish a relationship with their owners, and pitch them an article to publish on their site. Then, within your article, you can include backlinks to your site.


Searching for Authoritative Blog Sites

To effectively implement the guest posting technique, you must identify authoritative blogs in your industry that accept guest posts. With this, your outreach efforts may yield results.

To find such blogs, try using different search strings, such as:

  • “Guest Author” + “keyword”
  • “Guest post” + “keyword”

Additionally, you can use our monthly SEO packages to evaluate the website’s traffic and engagement before submitting your guest post.


Submit a Guest Post and Get Quality Backlinks

When contacting blogs for guest posting opportunities, it’s essential to approach them in a friendly and professional manner. Having your guest post ready to go can increase your chances of success.


Sharing Content with Backlinks

In the final step, it’s time to write the guest blog content. Again, ensuring that your content is engaging, helpful, and relevant to the blog’s audience is crucial.

Include your backlinks and anchor text within the article per the blog’s guidelines. Following their instructions is essential to ensure your content is approved and published on their site.


Digital PR


Digital PR is a valuable strategy for increasing brand awareness in the digital world. This approach involves creating positive PR content about your company and contacting relevant journalists or authoritative organizations in your industry to cover this content.

There are various types of digital PR content you can create, including:

  • Guest blog posts
  • Directory inclusions
  • Press releases
  • Unlinked mentions


Creative thinking strategies to develop fresh concepts

During this phase, it’s important to engage in idea generation. It would help if you strived to generate a list of ideas that align with the topic, intent, and channels that you are working with.


Crafting Your Content

To execute your Digital PR strategy, create content highlighting significant company events, achievements, or developments, and distribute it to relevant media outlets. Remember to include a backlink to your website, but make sure to link to a related webpage rather than your homepage for better relevance.


Strategies for Building an Outreach List

During this phase, you can leverage our tools to build an outreach list of journalists relevant to your target audience. Concentrate on media websites or journalists who cover your industry or niche. Make sure to diversify your contact list as much as possible, but only approach prospects likely to be interested in your content.


Craft Your Pitch and Start Reaching Out

Now comes the crucial step of pitching your idea to your journalist outreach list. Again, it’s important to maintain open and honest communication as you’re trying to establish a long-term relationship that can benefit both parties.

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