The Ultimate Guide to Dominating SEO Using the Skyscraper Technique

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Typically, the top result on a search engine results page (SERP) garners 39.8 percent of clicks, twice as much as the second result (18.7 percent) and four times more than the third result (10.2 percent).
What similarities do the top results on a SERP usually share?
They frequently boast the highest quantity of backlinks or at least a substantial number of high-quality backlinks.


How do you speculate these backlinks come about?
Undoubtedly, many backlinks emerge organically. This occurs when a website publishes exceptional content that naturally attracts links from other websites. It’s the foundation of link building.
However, the reality is that organic backlinks are only one of the primary sources for most websites. Instead, it frequently demands deliberate efforts from digital marketers to enhance their link profile. One effective method to accomplish this is implementing the Skyscraper Technique.
If you’re not presently leveraging the Skyscraper Technique to fortify your link profile, your competitors are likely already doing so.


Exploring the SEO Skyscraper Technique


The SEO Skyscraper Technique involves a strategic approach to link building. It entails identifying high-ranking content that has garnered backlinks from credible sources, crafting superior versions of this content, and presenting it as a more desirable linking option for publishers.
The main objective of this technique is to highlight your backlink profile.


Exploring the Effectiveness of the SEO Skyscraper Technique


Achieving “organic” backlinks is indeed feasible.
You create a stellar post, promote it across social media platforms, secure a high search engine ranking, and watch the backlinks roll in!
While this sounds promising, seasoned digital marketers understand that reality often diverges from these ideal scenarios. Moreover, attaining significant search engine rankings takes time, and predicting viral content on social media is unpredictable.
Enter the Skyscraper Technique for link building.
When a website links to an outside resource on a topic, it signifies a gap in its internal resources. This presents an opportunity for you to address that gap.


The Step-by-Step Guide to the SEO Skyscraper Technique


Breaking down the SEO Skyscraper Technique into three fundamental steps:

Step 1: Identifying Relevant Content with Credible Backlinks
How do you determine which content warrants your attention?
There are two approaches to locating content suitable for the Skyscraper Technique.

Step 2: Crafting a Superior Version of the Content
When enhancing existing content from another website, several aspects merit consideration.

Step 3: Reaching Out to Referring Domains and Proposing Replacement of the Original Link
This step might seem daunting, yet it’s crucial.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. With some research, you can draft an email template to streamline communication with all your contacts simultaneously.


Drawing to a Close


Networking is vital to any content marketing strategy, mainly when cultivating your backlink profile. The Skyscraper Technique represents the pinnacle of backlink networking, urging you to generate exceptional content to supplant backlinks on referring domains.
You can construct your backlink empire by identifying relevant content, enhancing it, and subsequently engaging with referring domains. Should you encounter challenges or confusion along the way, consider exploring our monthly SEO packages and allowing the expertise of professionals to guide you.

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