The Ultimate Link Building Checklist for Enhanced Results

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To achieve higher ranks in organic search results, acquiring links is crucial.

According to Google, links are among the top three factors influencing rankings.

When a page receives high-quality links, its authority and credibility are enhanced.

Consistently obtaining quality links for multiple pieces of content can gradually boost the rankings of an entire domain.

In the past, the link-building process experienced a gloomy phase characterized by uninteresting and spammy practices. We would create links without personalization, disregard the relevance of content, and merely include fleeting brand mentions.


However, the concept of “link building” started transforming.

New terms like link earning, link giving, link acquisition, and relationship building emerged.

Link earning revolves around building connections, actively participating in a community, and creating valuable content worth sharing.

This shift towards emphasizing quality, significance, and engagement has brought equilibrium back to link building.

Nevertheless, it remains essential to maintain a diverse link profile.

And that’s precisely where this link building checklist proves invaluable.


Power of Technical SEO


What are the consequences of constructing links to a poorly designed website? Is it possible to achieve website rankings solely through backlinks?

The vast sea of search engines is populated with rapidly loading, mobile-friendly, and well-maintained websites.

Will Google prioritize ranking a poorly designed website solely based on high-quality backlinks?

Or will Google prioritize ranking a fast, mobile-friendly, and well-maintained website with high-quality backlinks?

Before delving into backlinks, it is crucial to prioritize and address the technical aspects of SEO. Alternatively, you can work on both simultaneously.

Furthermore, if your website is technically sound and offers a clean user experience, webmasters are likely to link back to it naturally.


Breakdown of Effective Link Building


Quarterly Link Building Tasks

Every three months, I complete the following tasks for link building:

  • Backlink Audit

Start by exporting a comprehensive list of your backlinks from Google Search Console. Next, take the time to manually review each site and identify any irrelevant or low-quality websites. Then, add these sites to your disavow file.

  • Update Disavow List

Every quarter, it’s essential to review yours disavow file. This is an opportunity to remove any outdated or irrelevant sites and consider adding new ones to the list.

  • Competitor Backlink Analysis

Conduct a thorough analysis of the backlink data for three of your top competitors every three months. Then, extract the relevant information and compile a list of websites that would benefit your clients.


Monthly Link Building Tasks

 Make sure to incorporate these essential link-building tasks into your monthly plan:

  • Email Outreach

Allocate time to pitch at least ten new websites monthly while maintaining ongoing relationships with editors. In addition, reach out to websites you’ve mentioned or linked to in your articles.

  • Brand Mention Monitoring

Set up Google Alerts or use mention tracking tools to monitor mentions of your competitors, brand, and even your CEO. This provides an opportunity to engage and earn backlinks.

  • Guest Blogging

Craft high-quality guest blog posts monthly to establish content relationships with editors, enabling regular contributions.

  • Content Syndication

If you have unique content, consider working with publishers to syndicate articles you’ve already written. This mutually beneficial arrangement can help you gain exposure and valuable backlinks.

  • Testimonials & Reviews

Devote time each month to providing testimonials or reviews for other brands. This often leads to obtaining backlinks as a result.

  • Directories

While directories may seem outdated, they can still provide foundational links. Therefore, submit your website to relevant directories and monitor your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) details.

  • Affiliate Links

Cultivate an audience of loyal affiliates to generate backlinks while benefiting your companions financially.

  • Broken Link Building

Take advantage of broken link building by identifying broken links on competitor websites. Reaching out to webmasters and suggesting your relevant content as a replacement can lead to quick backlink gains.

  • Content Creation

Continue prioritizing quality content creation, using tactics like ego bait, controversy, or data-driven articles to attract backlinks naturally.

  • Charities & Events

Engage in charitable activities or sponsor events to earn backlinks from .org or .gov domains. Co-sponsoring events can also facilitate connections with other sponsors for additional link opportunities.


Weekly Link Building Breakdown

  • Week 1 & 2: Audit and Research

Perform an internal and competitor backlink audit to uncover potential topics for various verticals of link building.

  • Week 3: Content Planning

Engage in brainstorming sessions to generate article titles for content creation.

Submit the article titles to the client for approval.

  • Week 4: Prospecting and Outreach

Identify potential link opportunities.

Develop email templates and seek client approval.

Search for opportunities for co-citation.

Initiate outreach to 50 high-quality prospects.

  • Week 5: Content Creation

Commence writing content based on approved article titles.

Coordinate with the client to review and refine the content before finalizing.

If you find the process challenging, consider exploring our monthly SEO packages. Our team of industry experts can do it all for you, providing comprehensive assistance in achieving your SEO goals.

Shilpi Mathur
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