Top 9 Confirmed Google Ranking Signals

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The more you explore the web for Google ranking signals, the more the chances of your brain turning into sludge. There are varied opinions and as many as 200 factors that can impact a site’s search performance. However, there is a huge difference between hearsay and speculations, and confirmation from the highest authority – Google. So let’s separate dirt from the grains and get straight to business. We have compiled a list of top 9 confirmed Google ranking signals, sticking to which sooner or later would reap positive results for your website and business. Here goes nothing.

  1. Core Web Vitals

LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) collectively constitute the Core Web Vitals. Improving your website’s Core Web Vitals leads to an enhanced user experience, and an improved user experience, in turn, increases the likelihood of your site achieving a higher ranking in search results.

  1. Content

Content characterized by readability, high quality, originality, and relevance consistently outperforms content lacking these attributes, significantly increasing the likelihood of securing a top position in search results. Ensure your content aligns with these criteria to win the favor of both your customers and Google.

  1. Mobile-friendliness

It’s widely known that Google has prioritized mobile-first indexing, ensuring that websites needing mobile-friendliness can catch quicker indexing and higher rankings. To enhance your rankings, it’s crucial to embrace mobile-responsive best practices promptly.

  1. Page Speed

This is a well-established fact that has been recognized for years. Page speed has a direct impact on user experience. The quicker a page loads, the more positive the user experience. This is logical since users typically need more patience to wait. Therefore, prioritize enhancing your website’s speed without delay if you wish to retain their interest.

  1. Headings, Title Tags, Image ALT Text

Incorporating H1, H2, and other formatting elements assists Google in comprehending the pivotal segments of your content. Similarly, employing appropriate title tags and Image ALT Texts is just as valuable. These seemingly basic techniques often go unnoticed, yet they yield remarkable results, enhancing the discoverability of your website by a broader audience.

  1. HTTPS

Nothing instills trust in users and search engines like a security seal. Opting for HTTPS over HTTP is a recognized ranking factor and an indispensable element in fostering a secure user experience. If you still need to make this transition, it’s imperative to prioritize it quickly.

  1. Domain History

Domain history serves as a ranking signal in two key ways. First, it assesses the uniqueness of the URL. Second, it considers whether the domain is newly established. In specific instances, your current URL might have been previously associated with a questionable business, resulting in a flag that can, in turn, lower its ranking.

  1. Keyword Placement

As a general guideline, it’s advisable to include your target keyword in the page title, URL slug, meta description, and the opening paragraph. This practice significantly enhances your prospects of achieving a higher ranking. Equally important is the keyword’s strategic placement (avoiding forced usage) throughout the entire page.

  1. Backlinks

Incorporating backlinks from external websites is a potent ranking indicator. However, this process has a caveat—it’s susceptible to manipulation. Therefore, it’s crucial to use due diligence to identify the sources linking to your site. These sources should be authentic, high Domain Authority (DA) websites that hold favor with both readers and search engines.

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