Top 9 Formats for Highly Shareable Content

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Not all impeccably crafted content enjoys a surge in traffic. Some lose their spark even before they see the light of day. The issue lies not in the quality of the writing but in the presentation itself. You know that old saying, “First impressions are lasting impressions”? Well, it’s worth taking to heart.
Indeed, social media is a potent tool, but its effectiveness hinges on how skillfully you wield it to reach and engage your intended audience. So, without further ado, here are some proven methods to swiftly expand your audience reach. Here are the top nine content formats that practically guarantee shareability and engagement.


There’s a certain allure to listicles that compels people to click. They provide clear expectations and are effortlessly scannable. To harness this potential fully, craft authentic, informative, imaginative, and captivating content. With these qualities, you’ll undoubtedly have a resounding success. While clickbait may generate some initial views, it won’t cultivate a loyal and devoted following.

How-to Guides

How-to guides emerge as true lifesavers in a world of challenges and everyday complexities. Like listicles, these guides possess remarkable shareability and the capacity to attain viral status—naturally, their success hinges on the initial execution. Therefore, draw upon your wealth of experience to create content that empowers your audience to navigate life easily and gracefully.


Infographics stand as versatile, all-encompassing works of art brimming with detailed information. Much like how-to guides, they significantly simplify life for users. They are not only easily understandable but also effortlessly memorable. A visually striking, expertly designed, and eloquently written infographic can often outshine listicles and how-to guides regarding shareability. Don’t hesitate—forge a winning infographic today.


Only some have a penchant for diving into lengthy written content. In reality, many individuals would watch a video review of a product they intend to purchase rather than delve into a written article. Why? It’s because videos offer a unique blend of engagement, entertainment, and information all rolled into one. Don’t you secretly find yourself wishing you could be experiencing all this in video format right now?


Memes proliferate like wildfire. Nothing spreads across the digital realm quite like memes. They’re humorous relatable, demand minimal time yet possess enduring appeal, and are irresistibly shareable. Suppose you ingeniously fuse your brand’s core values with a sprinkling of memes to craft an effective social media strategy. In that case, you’ll connect with your audience more swiftly and effectively than any other method.

Breaking News

Let this fact motivate you: over 70% of Americans obtain news from social media platforms. While engaging with trending stories may be challenging for many brands, particularly outside the news sector, it remains entirely achievable. For instance, if you operate in the security camera business, it can significantly benefit your brand to disseminate updates about the latest developments within the industry.

Heartwarming Success Stories

I apologize if this comes across as a bit direct, but it’s a fact: people have a soft spot for narratives that cast their heroes in a triumphant light, conquering challenges and more. Such stories consistently top the charts. Moreover, those who have experienced these stories often eagerly share them with friends or colleagues, brightening their day in the process. Take some time to contemplate how you can integrate such compelling narratives into your brand to elevate its worth.

Controversial Opinion Pieces

It might be a gamble, with the outcome uncertain, but one thing’s for sure: it will quickly capture people’s attention. And if you firmly subscribe to the notion that “any publicity is good publicity,” then you need not search further. People are quick to spark a lively discussion, especially when a piece elicits a strong emotional reaction from them. So, if it aligns with your brand, craft that piece. Embrace the opportunity to make a memorable impact. Don’t shy away from the challenge.

Limited Time Promotions

This is a straightforward strategy. Whether you’ve exhausted all other options or are just eager to hear the cash register chime, launching time-limited offers is one of the most effective methods to attract visitors to your website. You can even align these offers with current events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday to draw even more virtual foot traffic, with the potential for a snowball effect.