Top 9 Formats for Highly Shareable Content

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Top 9 Formats for Highly Shareable Content

Not every well-written piece of content receives an enormous amount of traffic. Some die down well before they’re even published. The problem is not with the way it’s written but in the way it is presented. Remember that saying, first impression is the last impression? Yeah, take it to your heart. Social media is a powerful tool, alright. But it needs to be utilised in a manner that reaches as well as engages your target audience. So here are some sureshot ways to reach a larger audience in a short span of time. Here are top 9 formats for highly shareable content.


There is something about listicles that make people want to just click; they set the expectations upfront and are very easily scannable. To capitalise on it fully, create a content-piece that is genuine, informational, creative, and engaging, and you’ve got yourself a pure winner. Clickbait content may get you a few views, but not a dedicated cult following.

How-to Guides

In a world full of problems and many a hassle, how-to guides are life-savers, so to speak. And like listicles, how-to guides are immensely shareable and have the potential to go viral. Of course, they have to be done right in the first place. So, write from all the experience you have that you feel could help your viewers navigate through life in a hassle-free manner.


Infographics are versatile, all-serving, all-detail filled creative artworks that, like how-to guides, make lives a whole lot easier for the users. Not only are they easily understood but also easily digestible or retainable. A great-looking, well-designed, well-written infographic can sometimes be even more shareable than listicles or how-to guides. Go ahead, create a winner.


Not everyone likes to read or go through extensively-written content pieces. And truth be told, most people would rather watch a video about someone reviewing a product they are planning to buy rather than read about it. Why, because videos are engaging, entertaining, and informational, all at the same time. Aren’t you secretly wishing you’d rather be watching all this in a video?


Memes spread like wildfires. Nothing, and we do mean nothing, gets shared across the virtual world like memes. They are funny, relatable, less time consuming but timeless, and of course, share-worthy. If you can find a way to merge your brand’s ethos with a few memes to create a winning social media strategy, you can get across your viewers faster than anything.

Breaking News

Consider this for motivation, more than 70% of Americans consume news via social media platforms. While it’s difficult for a lot of brands to jump on the hot stories, especially if they are not from the news industry, it is still very much doable. Say if you’re in the business of selling security cameras, it would benefit you to share news on what’s new in the industry. 

Heartwarming Success Stories

Apologies for being slightly on the crude side; people are suckers for stories that depict their protagonists in a winning light, overcoming hardships and all that. These stories are among the top-sellers. Not only that, people who’ve read them often like to pass it along to their friends or colleagues so it could brighten up their day too. Think long and hard about how you can incorporate such stories within your brand to enhance its value.

Controversial Opinion Pieces

It could be a hit or a miss, but it will surely get those eyeballs rolling in no time. But if you firmly believe in “every publicity is good publicity’ then you needn’t look further. People aren’t afraid to cause a stirring rabble, more so when the piece evokes an unequivocal emotional response in them. So go ahead, write that piece if it suits your brand. Do not go gentle into that good night.

Limited Time Promotions

This is a no-brainer. Whether all else fails or you’re simply in the mood to see that cash register ringing, creating limited-period offers is one of the finest ways to get people to your website. You can even club it with current events such as a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday to get more virtual footfalls which, hopefully, eventually turn into a snowball effect.

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