Unveiling Google Labs’ Redesigned Interface with AI-Powered Search Innovations

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Discover the future of generative AI in search, productivity, and business through 12 AI experiments in the new Google Labs design.

Google unveiled an updated Labs design.Google, showing off AI research projects for productivity, creativity, and search.

Experiments with Google SGE are still visible in Labs; they expire in December 2023.

NotebookLM and Bard Extensions use AI for creative and research processes using data from your Google account.

To further the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Google recently unveiled a new design for Labs that includes 12 AI experiments, tools, and projects.

This redesign features twelve AI products that have the potential to revolutionize the use of AI in most workflows and organizations.

These AI experiments range from productivity to search, which you can sign up for or try on the redesigned Google Labs website.


12 Google AI Projects


Discover 12 remarkable AI initiatives by Google that have found their way into popular platforms like Search, Workspace, and YouTube.


  1. Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

This feature, notably missing its end date of December 2023, swiftly summarizes topics, generates novel ideas, and simplifies subsequent research. It’s a significant leap forward in AI-enabled information retrieval and user interaction.


  1. TextFX for AI Writing Assistance

TextFX, an AI assistant aiding creative writing, provides extensive possibilities while necessitating accuracy checks. Leveraging Google’s PaLM 2, this tool from Google’s AI Test Kitchen incorporates artistic insights for enhanced expression.


  1. Google Bard with Extensions

Now empowered by Gemini Pro, Google Bard seamlessly integrates with Google services like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps through extensions available in English, Japanese, and Korean.


  1. NotebookLM for Research

Powered by Google AI, NotebookLM redefines note-taking, inquiry, and idea organization. It offers invaluable assistance and access to sources, presenting a promising resource for marketers in meeting transcripts, book quotes, or research-intensive tasks.


  1. Duet AI for Google Workspace

Duet AI in Google Workspace elevates collaborative writing, visualization, and organization through AI assistance across Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet.


  1. Say What You See Game

An AI experiment teaching image prompting, Say What You See, allows users to describe pictures, generating a new image inspired by their descriptions.

  1. AI Experiments on YouTube

Exclusive to YouTube Premium members, this feature offers early access to experimental AI functionalities, including AI-generated conversation topics and summaries.


  1. Project IDX

A valuable tool for developers within Google Cloud, Project IDX streamlines development workflows and offers generative AI assistance for code generation and translation.


  1. Instrument Playground with MusicFX

This AI experiment allows users to generate music clips using over 100 instruments, offering Ambient, Beat, or Pitch modes for diverse compositions.


  1. Magic Compose for Android Text Replies

Magic Compose suggests text responses with suitable tone and context.


  1. AI Script Editor for Google Home

This experimental feature empowers users to create advanced home automation using AI without coding expertise.


  1. Magic Editor for Google Photos

Google Photos’ Magic Editor leverages AI for photo editing, promising improved tools for advertisers to promptly enhance ad campaign media.

In summary


Along with the new look, Google invited creative AI experiment submissions and provided a link to its Discord channel for AI Test Kitchen experiments. The goal of the call is to find projects that challenge the limits of what code can accomplish and motivate other programmers.

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