Zero Search Volume Keywords: The Untapped Potential

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Discover how important these keywords are for creating your website’s structure, meeting your customers’ needs, cutting down on remarketing expenses, and bringing in hidden traffic sources that regular SEO tools might miss.

In this inquiry featured in the SEO forum, Mouna poses an intriguing question:

“Should we prioritize using keywords for which there’s no volume or keyword difficulty data available? There are instances where certain keywords lack information on [tool name redacted].”

A fantastic query, Mouna!

The answer? Yes, focusing on zero search volume keywords is beneficial if they align with your company’s objectives.

Here are four compelling reasons to support this approach when confronted with the question, “Why invest in keywords with no search interest?”

  1. Structuring your site: Utilizing these keywords contributes to a comprehensive site structure.
  2. Customer needs: Even with no current search volume; customers might seek these answers, catering to their needs and potentially attracting future customers.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Retargeting to an audience is more economical than investing in multiple acquisition touchpoints.
  4. Visibility through related phrases: While the specific question might lack search volume, addressing it could enhance visibility for related high-volume phrases.


Enhancing Site Structure: Leveraging Zero Search Volume Keywords


In both ecommerce and brand-focused websites, the volume of core web pages and content is typically restricted. However, integrating zero search volume keywords and entities relevant to your company’s niche can be instrumental in shaping a robust website structure.

These topics, aligned with your organization’s offerings, facilitate the creation of contextually relevant content. This content serves a dual purpose: aiding search engines in understanding your domain and guiding potential customers to the pages offering those solutions.

An effective strategy involves referencing or showcasing products/services while internally linking them to conversion pages. This organic approach shapes the site’s SEO-friendly structure and enhances user experience. Moreover, if these pages secure backlinks from reputable sources, they could amplify the SEO impact on other pages.

Pro Tip: Zero search volume in a tool doesn’t equate to zero searches conducted. Delivering a high-quality user experience could position your website as a go-to resource, attracting attention from journalists and bloggers seeking reputable sources.


Responding to Customer Queries: Leveraging Zero Search Volume Keywords


SEO tools lack insights into your customers’ specific inquiries—they generate variations and estimations based on assumed search patterns.

Engage with your customer support team to access live chat question databases. If these queries align with what appears in SEO tools, it signifies actual search activity—likely indicative of high-intent searches.

A keyword with modest monthly searches but high intent could outperform a phrase with a higher search volume but lower ideal. The former reflects a user further along the sales funnel, actively seeking conversion.

Pro Tip: Utilizing insights from customer support data offers a data-driven advantage. You possess information on specific queries that lead to conversions—distinct from merely relying on online research. One strategy involves crafting dedicated blog posts addressing these queries.

For how-to inquiries, consider supplementing content with video demonstrations and targeting visibility on YouTube and Google Video search results. Additionally, integrate these customer queries into product/service pages or FAQs, potentially boosting conversion rates.

By addressing these queries for potential customers, you reaffirm their presence in the right place, easing the burden on customer support. Furthermore, this equips social media and PPC teams with fresh assets to engage and convert prospects.


Maximizing ROI: Leveraging SEO for Cost-Effective Remarketing


Leveraging SEO to attract visitors enables the application of remarketing pixels, offering a cost-effective strategy. Rather than investing extensively in competitive high-budget keywords, tagging users early in the sales funnel allows cost-efficient re-engagement.

The advantage lies in providing solutions within content without employing a forceful sales pitch. Effective content builds trust and credibility. Subsequently, when remarketing ads re-engage these users, credibility established earlier helps draw them back to more pertinent posts or encourages direct conversions.

However, the effectiveness hinges on the topic’s relevance and the individual’s position within your sales funnel.


Maximizing Visibility: Leveraging Zero Search Volume for High-Traffic Phrases


Even if a long-tail phrase lacks search volume, input the shorter, more voluminous phrase in incognito mode on a search engine. You might discover your content appearing in various sections like “People Also Ask,” related searches, videos, knowledge panels, or elsewhere. Enhancing relevance can capture traffic from higher-volume phrases if your content aligns with these titles or responses.

While your specific phrase may have zero search volume, it may still appear for a phrase with substantial monthly searches—leveraging this technique proves effective, especially for newer sites not yet delving into link building strategies.

Identify gaps in existing content that fail to provide a comprehensive solution and create content that fills those voids. Offer an immediate solution before diving into additional insights, especially if top-ranking sites bury valuable answers in excessive content.

Pro Tip: A similar approach works on YouTube. Analyze top-ranking videos for primary phrases, dissecting why they’re recommended, their shortcomings, and commonalities. Craft an improved video to engage viewers without explicitly targeting the primary phrase.


In summary


Pursuing keywords with no search volume is worthwhile, but only if they are pertinent to your line of work.

Various channels can use them, boost user conversions in your funnel, and drive traffic that SEO tools miss.

If you still need help finding things challenging and confusing, look at our monthly SEO packages and let the professionals assist you.

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