Game-Changing B2B Link Building Techniques

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Irrespective of popular opinions, developing a strong link profile remains an essential component of your B2B Link Building marketing strategy. Yet, crafting a backlink strategy and actively acquiring backlinks can be exceedingly overwhelming for many businesses.


Outreach-Based Backlinks


Introducing a Scholarship Program 

One effective approach to supporting students and acquiring valuable backlinks is offering a scholarship program. Notably, search engines recognize the credibility and authority of .edu and .gov URLs, considering the stringent requirements for obtaining them. Many businesses commonly employ this strategy.

To get started, establish a dedicated scholarship page on your website and develop an application form, which can be conveniently created using tools like Google Forms. Next, you can enlist the assistance of a data miner from platforms like Upwork to gather contact information for relevant personnel in the Financial Aid office and relevant academic departments at approximately 180 universities. It’s recommended to target institutions aligned with your company’s field.

Implementing this initiative can yield prompt link acquisition, and the entire process can be completed within a few hours. Build a dedicated page, design an application form, and initiate an email outreach campaign for your contacts list.


Harnessing Wikipedia for Link Building

Utilizing Wikipedia can effectively secure high-authority links for your relevant blog posts. The process involves conducting a quick Google search using relevant keywords and examining the corresponding Wikipedia page to identify any information gaps your blog post addresses or answers.

If you’re new to editing Wikipedia pages, you can refer to a comprehensive guide to assist you in getting started. Although there is no guarantee that all your links will be approved, they will remain intact if your citation contributes value to the page.

While it’s important to note that Wikipedia links are nofollow, they still hold value in the eyes of Google. They can drive significant referral traffic and serve as a gateway to obtaining other valuable links.


Creating and Sharing Custom Icon Packs

If your company has an in-house or outsourced designer, consider developing custom icon packs that align with your brand. Numerous websites enable the upload and distribution of icon packs for users to download. Ensure you include a request for users to link to your website when utilizing the icons. While not everyone may comply, this approach requires minimal upfront effort, especially if you already possess custom icons for your website. Even if only 50% of users who download the icons link back to your site, it remains a worthwhile tactic.

However, before uploading icons, confirming their originality and ensuring that your company owns their rights is crucial. Shopify offers a helpful article listing 12 reputable platforms where you can download icon packs, many of which also provide the option to upload your icons.


Reclaiming Lost Links 

Link reclamation is a strategy that can be implemented with relatively low effort, although it does involve outreach and data mining. The essence of this tactic lies in identifying instances where your brand is mentioned but needs to be properly credited with a link, be it in textual content or images. Subsequently, you contact the relevant sources to request a link to your website.


Submission-Based Backlinks


Leveraging Infographics for Expanded Reach 

Infographics have gained immense popularity among individuals who enjoy sharing visual content, particularly high-quality ones. They present an excellent opportunity to broaden your reach through “guest blogging” without the need for extensive efforts associated with crafting entirely new guest posts for each target site.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to utilizing infographics effectively:

  1. Begin by creating an engaging and captivating infographic.
  2. Employ a similar outreach strategy as you would for guest posts.
  3. Send personalized emails to relevant websites, highlighting the alignment between their audience and yours, and express your interest in having them feature your infographic, as it could provide valuable insights to their readers.

You can provide a brief introductory paragraph explaining the infographic’s content to sweeten the deal.

By capitalizing on infographics, you can maximize your outreach potential while minimizing the workload required to create individual guest posts for every site you approach.


Engaging in Forum Participation 

Before delving into this tactic, it’s crucial to emphasize that your primary focus should be providing valuable insights and assistance to the forums you engage with. If your sole objective is to promote your website, you may encounter certain challenges:

  1. Risk of a tarnished reputation: Constantly plugging your site can lead to a negative perception among users, resulting in downvotes and diminishing visibility for your answers.
  2. Potential moderation intervention: Site moderators may remove your posts if they perceive them as purely self-promotional.

Nonetheless, forums still present an excellent opportunity to expand your link profile. A recommended approach is actively contributing by answering questions on platforms such as Quora, Reddit, Inbound.org (for marketing-related discussions), and Growth Hackers. Avoid indiscriminately plugging your content into every response. Instead, focus on establishing yourself as a valuable and helpful contributor, gradually building a following within the community.


Exchange-Based Backlinks


Harnessing the Power of Guest Blogging 

In my view, guest blogging is the link building tactic with the potential to generate the most significant impact on your organic rankings. We allocated a dedicated team member within our growth team to manage guest posts.

However, similar to forum posting, the objective of guest blogging should not be to plug numerous links indiscriminately. Such an approach is likely to upset editors who must spend time deleting excessive links while striving to maintain the flow of the post.

When engaging in guest blogging, your primary goal should be to share fresh and pioneering tactics. Instead of solely focusing on self-promotion, aim to provide valuable insights and thought-provoking ideas to the audience. Doing so can establish yourself as a respected contributor in your field.


Unlocking Backlink Opportunities with HARO 

HARO, is an acronym for Help a Reporter Out, presents an excellent avenue to diversify your backlinks across various websites. This platform serves writers and contributors, and the best part is that becoming a contributor is free. Upon signing up as a contributor, you’ll receive three daily emails containing inquiries from writers seeking input for their articles.

Your task is to respond to these queries with a brief paragraph. If the writer finds your contribution valuable, they may incorporate it into their post and provide you with a backlink. To maximize your chances of standing out among the numerous responses, ensure your subject line is enticing or directly addresses the writer’s question. We have successfully obtained multiple backlinks by following a simple and concise format.


Maximizing Opportunities through Conference Sponsorships 

Conference sponsorships stand out as an investment-intensive approach among the various link-building tactics. While it may not demand extensive time or effort, it falls under the “exchange” category as it requires allocating a portion of your budget.

Nevertheless, sponsoring conferences provides an excellent opportunity to secure backlinks from highly authoritative sites closely aligned with your industry. In many cases, sponsorship packages also include complimentary passes to the conference, enabling direct lead generation through effective networking.

Choosing which conferences to sponsor can pose a challenge. To streamline the decision-making process, we recommend categorizing sponsorship opportunities into three distinct types: Local, Industry, and Target audiences. Local sponsorships contribute to enhancing local SEO and building a presence within your community. Industry conferences are ideal for raising awareness and establishing potential partnerships. Target audience conferences place your brand and website directly in front of your ideal clients, facilitating targeted marketing efforts.

By strategically selecting conference sponsorships based on these categories, you can optimize your link building endeavours while reaping the benefits of improved visibility, industry connections, and potential client acquisition.




It’s important to acknowledge that B2B link building is a time-consuming task that may only sometimes appear glamorous. However, its potential impact on your organic rankings is significant. It’s crucial to note that the results of your efforts may take time to be visible. Nevertheless, you can expect to witness organic growth over time by diligently and consistently implementing the ten tactics mentioned earlier.

If you require assistance, consider exploring our monthly SEO packages for professional support in your link building endeavors.

Now, it’s time to take action and embark on your journey to acquire valuable links. Best of luck!



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