Google Broad Core Algorithm Update June 2021 Rollout Is Officially Complete

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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update June 2021

It is that time of the year again when all plans are thwarted and everything seems to go haywire and people fly off the handle. Google Broad Core Algorithm Update June 2021 that started rolling out on June 2, 2021 has officially finished rollout as of June 12, 2021. Whereas most of Google core updates take about 2 weeks to finish what they started, this one took just a little less than 2 weeks. As to why, is something we’ll get to in a bit.

The same was confirmed by Google’s Liaison of Search, Danny Sullivan, in a tweet.

So now is a perfectly good time to confirm how the Broad Core Algorithm Update June 2021 impacted you. And also, brace for Broad Core Algorithm Update July 2021. You read it right!

Two Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates in two consecutive months. Why?

Usually, Google sets its two broad core updates months apart. This is one of the rare occasions where they are having to release two core updates one after the other for not being able to pack everything in the first due to some time constraints. He further added in a tweet, along with guidance regarding the update, which essentially remain the same.

Should you celebrate, or lament?

Now that the rollout is officially over, should you celebrate if you’ve had a massive increase in traffic and if rankings have gone up? We think you should hold your horses. Should you mourn the loss of rankings and traffic you had worked so hard to gain? Absolutely not! For all that is lost may be restored. And all that was gained may be taken away. But, obviously this doesn’t apply to every website and certainly not so maniacally and theatrically. Because this was just Part I of the overall update. Part II is all set to release sometime in July. Danny further added.

3 things to keep in mind while a Broad Core Update is being rolled out.

For starters, no, your website is Not being penalized just because you lost traffic or your search engine rankings. John Mueller confirms this.

“First of all, a core update is not a penalty. It’s not a matter of the Google algorithm saying this is a bad website.”

Two, each Broad Core Update (along with thousands of smaller daily updates) is aimed ranking pages better if they are more relevant, which also means if Google finds your page less relevant, it may see a drop in ranking and traffic. If you are negatively impacted, it doesn’t mean you done something wrong. It also doesn’t mean your content is not of high quality. It simply means your content is not as relevant as it was a few days ago and you need to find ways to make it even better and more relevant.

And finally, you certainly don’t have to wait for the next Broad Core Update to recover from lost traffic and rankings.

“Core updates are designed to increase the overall relevancy of our search results. In terms of traffic we send, it’s largely a net exchange. Some content might do less well, but other content gains. In the long term, improving our systems in this way is how we’ve continued to improve Search and send more traffic to sites across the web every year.” says Sullivan.

What is the next course of action?

Instead of sweating over how to tackle changes being enforced upon you because of this update, just act on making your website better before the next core update hits in July 2021. Address content quality and technical issues. Run a comprehensive website audit, isolate issues that are glaring, and work on them sequentially. You may also find it useful to investigate and address factors of utmost relevance. It is essentially what a broad core update is about.

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