Link Building for Startups: Unlocking Massive Growth

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If your goal is to secure substantial funding for your startup, it’s crucial to demonstrate that your business has the potential for growth.

When it comes to implementing SEO for your startup, this involves developing a strategy of link building for startups that can be easily enhanced as your business grows.

Having exclusively focused on link building for startups for the past five years, I have gained extensive industry experience.

Here are three strategies of link building for startups that can effectively facilitate the scalability of your business.


  1. Leveraging Guest Posting


One popular and effective link-building strategy is guest posting, where you proactively engage with niche websites and bloggers. By pitching content ideas and crafting complete articles, you can integrate a link to your site within the article. Here’s why guest posting is particularly advantageous for startups:

Guest posting offers startups valuable control over the link placement, destination, and anchor text since you can write the entire article. This level of control empowers you to shape the link to align precisely with your objectives.

When you successfully secure guest posts on authoritative domains, you can effectively transfer significant link equity to pages that typically face challenges acquiring links, such as product or sales pages.

For startups, guest posting is an efficient strategy for swiftly boosting the rankings of crucial pages that directly contribute to your overall goals.


  1. Harnessing the Power of the Skyscraper Technique


The Skyscraper Technique, pioneered by Brian Dean, is a renowned link building campaign that revolves around “stealing” links from subpar content assets found online.

Why the Skyscraper Technique is ideal for startups:

This technique employs a scalable approach through its repeatable process.

Identify content ideas that have the potential to attract valuable links.

Create a unique piece of content that surpasses the existing versions.

Engage with the individuals who currently link to the inferior content, showcasing your improved version.

While this strategy may not directly generate backlinks to specific pages, it significantly enhances your domain’s overall authority. This, in turn, can elevate the visibility and positioning of your content throughout the search engine results pages (SERPs) by leveraging strategic internal linking techniques.


  1. Curated Collections


Curated collections refer to comprehensive lists featuring various products, tools, apps, services, and more that individuals typically seek when making purchase decisions.

Why curated collections are advantageous for startups:

These pages inherently capture buyer intent, catering to individuals seeking specific products or services. Consequently, even if acquiring links involves some financial investment, the potential benefits of targeted referral traffic make it a worthwhile endeavour.




These approaches have proven highly effective as they can be implemented repeatedly, consistently securing valuable link placements.

Once you have determined which strategies work best for your startup, you can consider outsourcing your link building efforts if it becomes an aspect you no longer wish to focus on. Feel free to explore our monthly SEO packages tailored to meet your needs.

Shilpi Mathur
[email protected]