No More Confusion! Google Fixes Annoying Site Name Issue

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The inner page mystery is solved! Google fixed a website name glitch that had been causing confusion since September 2023. Now, you’ll always know precisely where that interesting article came from.


Unveiling the Mystery: Site Names in Search Results


Have you ever wondered who’s behind that intriguing article you found in a search? Look no further than the site name! This handy feature in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) lets you identify the website that published the content.

Think of it like a name tag for websites. If your company is known as “Acme Anvil Company,” that’s what Google will display in search results. But if everyone calls you “AAC,” Google can accommodate that preference, too!


How Does Google Choose Your Site Name?

Here’s the inside scoop: Google uses a combination of factors to determine your site name, including:

  • WebSite structured data: This is the preferred method, allowing you to tell Google your desired site name on your homepage directly.
  • Content analysis: Google analyzes your website’s content to understand its identity.
  • Other online references: Google might consider how your site name appears on other reputable websites.


Taking Control: Specifying Your Site Name

For optimal clarity, you can take control and specify your preferred site name using WebSite structured data. This ensures users know exactly who’s behind the content they encounter in search results.


Site Name Snag: Inner Pages Missing the Label (Fixed!)


Have you noticed inconsistencies with website names showing up in search results? You’re not alone! In September 2023, Google acknowledged an issue where a site’s name wouldn’t always display for its inner pages (like /about-us).

Here’s what the issue looked like:

  • Example.com might show its proper name in search results, but
  • [invalid URL removed] might display a different or no name.

Thankfully, Google resolved this problem! This means inner pages should now inherit the website’s proper name in search results.


Google Fixes the Annoying Site Name Issue!


Good news for website owners! Google recently resolved a site name problem that confused users. Previously, the website name displayed in search results (SERPs) wouldn’t always propagate to a site’s internal pages. This meant users might see a different name, or no name at all, for pages beyond the homepage.


What’s Changed?

Google has fixed the issue!  The website name you set should be displayed correctly for both your homepage and internal pages in search results. However, it’s important to note that it might take time for Google to recrawl and update its information.


What Caused the Problem?

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t revealed the cause of this lingering issue. Whether it was a low priority or something more technical on their end remains a mystery.


The Takeaway:

This fix is a win for website owners and users alike! Clear site names in SERPs enhance user experience by providing context for the source of information.

While the site name issue is resolved, SEO can still be complex. Consider our monthly SEO packages if you need help navigating the ever-evolving search landscape.

Shilpi Mathur
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