5 Reasons You Need an SEO Expert in 2023

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5 Reasons You Need an SEO Expert in 2023

Building a solid product or service is hard enough to begin with, and exhausting. Add to that the onus of creating a perfect website with all the SEO markers in place and it becomes even more tiresome. But what if you were to transfer that onus to the right person who can carry your website forward while you focus on what comes best to you. We are talking about an SEO expert, and pointing down top 5 reasons why you need one in 2023. And don’t worry, we’ll recommend you one, too.

Extensive Site Audit

It’s only natural for site owners to focus entirely on top-performing pages. But in doing so, a lot of junk creates itself, through no fault of the site owner, which starts weighing down the site as time passes. A regular, extensive complete site audit becomes a necessity then. An SEO expert can help unearth all the sinister things that may be holding the website back and take corrective measures thereon to put the website back on track.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and Analysis

Let’s put something straight; it’s not everybody’s game. Even if you have the time for it, you may not have the know-how. You need a dedicated SEO specialist to create a list of keyword phrases and terms that will reap you the benefits in the long run. Through comprehensive keyword research and analysis while keeping your niche, user intent, target audience and competitors in mind, an SEO expert can help you go a long way.

Ranking Highly Competitive Terms

Narrowing down keywords that have the high potential to benefit your website is one thing, but ranking them on top of the search results is a whole different ball game. It is something that is not easily achieved. Unless you have someone who is skilled at this art by your side. By creating a balance between super-competitive keyword terms and long-tail keywords, an SEO expert can help you put your website right at the top.

Navigating through Google’s Algorithm Changes

2022 alone saw as many as 10 officially-announced algorithm updates shake up the world wide web. Not to mention potentially thousands of updates that went unannounced but shook up the system nevertheless. Navigating through so many updates is no easy task; one is bound to feel exhausted by the sheer number. That is where an SEO expert who knows the insides of each update can help your website steer through all the ruckus.

High-quality Backlinks

You need to stop wondering. Yes, backlinks are extremely important in 2023, even Google says so. Backlinks serve a purpose that goes beyond just sending ranking signals to Google’s AI. They are a firestarter that promotes community engagement, gets your site discovered, and sparks additional ideas that lead to enhanced brand reach and value. And only an SEO expert that knows and appreciates their value can help you build solid links the right way.

SarkarSEO checks all the above boxes. In the last 12 years, he has helped rank thousands of competitive keywords for thousands of happy customers across niches across the world in all languages. He has helped innumerable websites perform exceedingly well despite all the updates. And he has a knack for building top-notch backlinks to promote business growth and brand value for his customers. Comprehensive site audit and keyword research and analysis are just added bonuses. Check out our Monthly SEO Packages that incorporate all of the above seamlessly.