4 Hot Tips on Improving Your Google Business Profile Visibility

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boost Google Business Profile visibility

If you are to stand out in a crowd of millions, you need to do something truly outstanding. For online business bidding to leave their mark and create a legacy, it all begins with creating a solid Google Business Profile. A well-made Google Business Profile can put your website in front of the right kind of audience who’ll do your business a lot of good. Moreover, it can put your website in the local search listings and thereby convert your casual visitors into paying customers. If you want to go for the kill, you need to have killer Google Business Profile. And here are 4 Hot Tips on improving your Google Business Profile visibility.

Get Your Customers to Submit Reviews

Customers don’t have time to submit reviews on your website for a product or service they just purchased. Unless, either the product surpasses their expectations by a huge margin or it terribly lets them down. It is then your duty to perform an outreach to each one of your customers and encourage them to submit reviews on your website. You can do this via emails, texts, or offering them a discount on their next purchase. Don’t expect overnight results, but when it all starts falling into place, it can raise your Google Business Profile to greater heights for your organic visitors, as well as search engines.

Respond to Negative Reviews in an Empathetic Manner

You are going to have negative reviews every once in a while even if you did all you could in ensuring your product is at par with the industry standards. There is no escaping it. Instead of taking personal offence and ignoring them, or worse, not approving them in the first place, can do you more harm than good. To be fair, zero negative reviews does look fishy to everyone, including search engines. And to be fair, the fair thing to do when a negative review does show up is to take ownership, empathize and apologize to the customer straight up and offer to compensate in some way that deems fit to the situation.

Don’t Try to Game the System

Google will focus its gaze on your at once like Sauron’s Eye gazes at the One Ring. Keyword stuffing, paid reviews, automating content and so on will red flag your website and can rob it off all the hard work you’ve put in it and thereby, decrease its traffic inflow and rankings. Don’t think even for a second that a tool devised by Google itself won’t be able to tell if somebody is trying to game the system. Even the audience is smart enough to differentiate between genuine user engagement and fake, paid reviews. So, naturally, avoid engaging in such tactics lest you get a bad reputation online as well as your immediate physical circles.

Power Through with Google Business Profile Tools

There are just so many Google Business Profile tools available at your disposal; take advantage of each one of them to leverage your website’s SEO. One of the most important and handy one being Google Marketing Kit that allows you to share the latest updates and highlights about your business via free videos, posters, social posts, and more on Google to keep your customers informed about your business’ new offers, events, product updates and so on. All this can greatly help enhance your brand’s online presence and drive user engagement.

It is quite a given that if you do well on Google then you must do what Google expects you to do. And that is to create an optimized business profile that maintains healthy competition among local businesses.

Mohit Behl
[email protected]