SEO Cheat Sheet for Higher Google Rankings in 2022

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The need to adhere to best SEO practices has never been more important, what with the pandemic shutting down physical spaces and everybody turning to online spaces all at once. Sure, it is all opening up slowly and steadily and we couldn’t be happier about the world returning to normalcy, but it all comes with a set of SEO, technical and technological challenges which if addressed now could mean big bucks for your business in the years to come. Call it a cheat sheet, if you may. Your own personal cheat codes to get ahead in the game before your contemporaries get the whiff of it all.

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Cheat Code #1 – Be Faster and Furiouser

The need for it hasn’t been more apparent than it is now. With its launch back in June 2021, Core Web Vitals is used by Google as ranking signals by way of three aspects: Speed, Responsiveness, and Visual Stability of websites to gauge how and where they should be ranked. If you lose out on any of the three, you lose out on rankings and eventually, traffic and conversions. Our web audit, which comes bundled with our Monthly SEO Packages, ensures you get the right feedback and help on how to make your website load up Faster and be all Furiouser.

seo cheat sheet 2022

Cheat Code #2 – Being Mobile will Take You Places

As of January 2021, and as per Statista, nearly 90% of the internet users surf the web using their mobiles or tablets. So if your mobile isn’t already optimized for mobile (refer to Cheat Code #1), needless to say it is high time it is. In a world where attention spans are declining, if you don’t catch them at first sight, you don’t catch them at all. In business terms, that means losing out on a lot of profit. After all, Google to prioritizes mobile-friendly websites and follows a mobile-first indexing model. So if you want to reach the high places, do not ignore.

seo cheat sheet 2022

Cheat Code #3 – Listen to MUM

MUM, which stands for Multitask Unified Model, is soon to be introduced by Google as an update to Google Lens and will skilfully combine Images and Text into one search query. It is believed that, after the update, users will be able to type specific questions related to the image being scanned by Google Lens, making it all the more interactive than it already is. But how exactly does it impact web or image searches? Well, for one, ALT Tags will become indispensable and will have bigger impact on search results. The other, Geo-tagging product images might become a norm.

seo cheat sheet 2022

Cheat Code #4 – Raise Your Voice (Game)

An all-important stat (from Brightlocal) that you just cannot ignore is that nearly 60% of the consumers used voice search to find local businesses in the last one year, and by 2022, this percentage is only likely to go higher. It means that Siri and Alexa have a larger role to play in impacting your search results than just playing your favourite song or pretending to be your girl friend. It also means that you a business should aim optimizing for two-word search queries because users certainly will not be game for blurting long-tail keywords.

seo cheat sheet 2022

Cheat Code #5 – Build Relationships and Backlinks Will Come

The days when you could buy your way into someone’s virtual space and have your brand name digitally engraved there have been setting. And if the buzz is to be believed, the sun could finally set on this world. The time has come to plan and execute a content strategy whereby creative content and storytelling on its own would find a way to be recognized by some of the most popular and prestigious websites and news publications for free. This is how you too should think about obtaining backlinks, organically, by way of merit, by offering some real value to other websites’ users. You never know, one publish can soon lead to many other with many other. And that is how you build virtual relationships.

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